General Rules

RPM Dragway will commit to providing a clean, safe enjoyable experience across all of our tracks and pit areas. Please help us in remembering a few “House Rules” while you are here.

General Pit Area Rules

⦿ Please help to keep pit area’s clean from trash/debris/damage.

⦿ Power is supplied at each pit area, avoid running extension/extra cords across pit areas, or walkways

⦿ Do not rest soldering irons, cutting blades or other items that may damage table tops. If damage does occur please notify staff so that it can be fixed timely.

⦿ Two Drink/Snack Vending machines are provided. Members may keep personal drinks/food in fridges provided in the Makerspace.

⦿ Absolutely no Adult Beverages/Substances are to be consumed/stored at any time in the general pit areas.

Dragstrip General Rules

⦿ Entries are due to the Counter 15 Minutes before start of any race. If Arriving late, you must text/call your entries in. NO Late entries once racing has begun.

⦿ Paring will be done via Pro-Pairings App, Random Draw Tickets or Ladders depending on specific race formats.

⦿ When Called “ON DECK” you must make your way to the starting line. A 70 Second Clock is implemented to prep and stage, this clock starts as soon as the previous pair crosses the finish.

⦿ Your DIAL IN must be presented to the tower staff before staging your car. The Dials as entered are displayed on the Screen to the left of the track, and will be read to you before the tree drops. Once the tree is dropped you accept your dial as entered.

⦿ Keep the Staging Area and Prep station Clear at all times unless helping another driver.

⦿ Cleaning Fluid will be provided at the prep station, do not spray anything on the track surface itself. Lighter Fluid/Any other cleaning agents must be cleared by the track operator before use.

⦿ During Regular Bracket programs the entire track may be cleaned as long as it is done in a timely manner.

⦿ “FIRST or WORST” Rule is implemented if there is a malfunction. A DE-SLOT Overrides a Redlight. A Redlight overrides a DNR, and in the case of a Double Redlight, the first driver to release looses.

⦿ Rollbacks – if your car rolls out of the beams once they are activated you are considered a redlight.

⦿ Double Entries are allowed except for specialty races where it is explicitly stated as not allowed. You may not change cars, bodies, or drivers once the entry has staged for 1st Round.

⦿ DAMAGE – All drivers assume risk of their personal property, and cars during normal race activity. However if a car is left unattended on racing surface, or is deemed malicious, the driver causing the damage will be asked to make it right with the driver that damage occurred to. If no handshake resolution can be made, the track operator will act as a mediator and can impose fines/penalties they deem fit.

Oval General Rules

⦿ Hot laps available on any race day until 1st Event begins

⦿ Entries are due to the Counter 30 Minutes before start of any race. If Arriving late, you must text/call your entries in. NO Late entries once racing has begun.

⦿ Tech cards are to be placed under car in the appropriate tech area once entry fee is paid. During Tech the staff will review the car for the criteara for each event. Once the official has deemed the car fit for race, your tech card will be replaced with a set of lane mark stickers.

⦿ All Oval cars regardless of class must clear a minimum of 1/16′ height and not propose damage from scraping to the track surface. Controllers must be hooked up to the appropriate leads to avoid short/surges applied to the track.

⦿ 15 Minute Rental car sessions may be purchased for $5, or if providing your own car/controller a $5 pit fee is asked for each day of testing.

⦿ Rental controllers may be requested at any time and must be returned to appropriate place on the counter.

⦿ No Driver may access the tower/control computer with out permission. If you need your lap time cleared please request a staff member to do so.